Amma loves you Ali Farzan

Your excitement and thrill in the Ekka Festival

The picture posted last night brought so many fond memories Ali Farzan of the Ekka festival. We were lucky to attend this largest annual festival of Queensland in 2007.  Do you remember going to the festival. No you didn’t remember many details but I do. You, nani and me reached there through train by 10 a.m. and this picture was taken at about 10 p.m. Just see, your face shows no fatigue of spending twelve hours in a fair. You were lucky that for half of the day me and ammi did not realize how big the fair was and we three remained in the area with swings and rides for five hours. You enjoyed each one. I remember there was a ride in shape of helicopter with just one seat. You agreed to sit alone. You were only three and a half years old. You were in the habit of making decisions for yourself.

You were excited about everything. The cattle and dog parades were so boring for me and naani but made you happy. We saw a taekwondo show. We ate the sandwiches and took coke. Saw arabic dance. You wanted to buy a showbag but we refused. Nani was tired around 5 but I wanted to see the firework. The picture shared in last night’s post was taken in the stadium where we watched the firework. The blasts in the air, the lights in the sky, green, blue and red colours-all were new for you. Your face reflects your excitement. Naani took our picture in which you look so happy and thrilled. Remain as happy in Heaven my love and explore exciting things. Bye.



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  1. It looks like a nightmare when we visited Australia.Ali was three and a half can’t recognise the alphabets but understood and spoke english when we took him to children workshops ho was more active and responsive than the local children
    In A us he had a craze for Dinassours It was a new animal for him .l and Isbah frequently visited the Museum where
    Original skeleton dianassour was errected Ali had a great interest in it For Alias sake we went there weekly.
    I used to take Ali to the Roma park daily when Isbah was in office at about 11 or12 in the morning There he played and enjoyed.we took eatables also he was fond of chips.we ate a lb packet daily Ali enjoyed the Life and let us enjoy us .but now we are full of grief without life.tuo


    February 18, 2014 at 1:06 pm

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