Amma loves you Ali Farzan

I thought today I should pay back the pride to you

You brought so much pride to me Ali Farzan. The doctors were amazed how responsive you were in the first few days after your birth.That was the first moment of pride given by you to me. The only relationship you made with others was of love. Your care for everyone will keep on filling my heart. Your intelligence was so evident. You had the courage to start new things. You were conscious of your reputation. You always listened to what I asked. And most of all you left us with innocent heart. We went to your school to pick you from rehearsal a couple of weeks before the accident. You were there with your classmates. Most of them were at least one and a half years elder to you. You behaved as per your age; running, jumping, passing kids, making jokes while others were a bit serious. I felt satisfied as thought you are retaining your innocence. 

Its time for me to pay back. I will do everything to make you proud. You never realized my achievements. You were too young to know that. Today I have made a promise to myself that I will do everything which can make you glad. As time passes you will start realizing my struggle and they will to give you pride. I believe that you see me at times from Heaven. You will see your mother making efforts and you will share that with your fellows there. You are fond of making stories, your mother will give you so many storylines to build. I am sure when I reach you I will find my son as a popular storyteller in Heaven with a large fan club. Let us both start working on these agendas. 


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