Amma loves you Ali Farzan

The only time when I hit you

I am not sorry for the only time I slapped you, the thing which surprised me was your reaction. I still believe I did it for the right reason. You were around six to seven years old. That day you were playing with your younger cousins and as usual the play was around the door of our room. I asked you a couple of times not to close the door. You didn’t take the advice seriously. Once when you closed the door I heard screaming of a child outside. I opened the door, the kid was fine but it was risky to close the door just for playing. I slapped you and told you that it should not happen. You covered your face and laid on the rug in the room. I think you shed a few tears and was uncomfortable in someone observing that. We did not communicate for about an hour till it was meal time. Ammi called me outside the room, she told me to speak to you if you are too angry. It was against the rules to console the child after giving some punishment but I overlooked that rule. I asked you to get up and have food. You stood up, looked in my face and said ‘Amma first promise you will never do it again’. That was the courageous Ali Farzan, setting rules of relationship. 

The same observation was made by one of your classmates. He wrote in the notebook they made in your memory that you did not fight with anyone in the three months spent in that school but if you did not like someone’s comment said ‘don’t say that about me’. I know you, you were not short of courage or physical strength as was a taekwondo player but had courteous ways to communicate your dislikings. There were certain dresses which you did not like and I made you wear them. You did follow your mother’s instructions but shared your disliking. 

The day you demanded ‘no hitting policy’ I gave up the idea. I was never going to do that with you again. I saved the incident in my memory so I can share it with you when you will get old. That time will never come Ali Farzan like  your hug and warmth of hands. 


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  1. Isbah children are innocent .we have to guide them some time they listen to us sometimes not .They don’t know what is harmful for them until they experience it we instruct them because of their sake.some time time we loose our temper .But it is all natural l have also one or two regrets like these .l always praised that you never questioned me on such occasions .you had given full charge to me of how to deal with Ali Farzan .Some time I had to be strict with him for his good ness .he always knew that after you I am there to stood by him to take his care and full il his demands .He never disappoint me .Did what l said.
    My experience and and your modern approach of upbringing groomed his personality so well


    February 23, 2014 at 4:24 am

    • I always thought Ammi that you give him the best, you loved him more than me. You gave him so much care, love, attention and guidance. And he was
      aware of all these givings. He was too young to say thanks to you but was old enough to show the recognition.


      February 23, 2014 at 5:48 am

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