Amma loves you Ali Farzan

You loved that restaurant in Murree

That restaurant in Murree was something you liked-modern decor, detailed menu card and a good wash room. Unfortunately we discovered it on our last day of stay in Murree in 2010. We saw it while going to mall road and baba had to go to the other side of the road to get his food. We two bad creatures made him cross mall road twice so we can eat something of our choice. So we first went to the biryani house he wanted to go, sat there, criticised everything there to convince him to go back to our place. And we went back. You chose the pizza you liked from the menu card. The waiter came and looked at baba and me to place the order. As usual, you started telling him what to bring for you. He looked at me to confirm, I looked down so he can understand that he has to take order from you. He did not pick the hint. He asked me if you should be listened, I said yes. You were shocked as in so many years no waiter refused to take order from you. You enjoyed the pizza, shared the chocolate drink I ordered, went to the wash room. And I am sure you must have used electronic hand drier as that was usually the only reason you used public wash rooms. You were really happy that day. Do you recall that joy.

I remember your free walk on the mall road, your gaze at the shops, your wish to buy a toy. And your mother refused to make you buy a toy from there. I wanted you to by the toy from pindi and you insisted. I think baba went in the shop with you and you bought something. But before that purchase we had long argument and you asked why was I looking for a suit for myself and was refusing to let you buy something.

Do you remember that argument, our wondering on the mall road, the tasty food and all the joy you gave me that day. Stay happy

Picture 493


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