Amma loves you Ali Farzan

I feel your absence all the time

I was looking at the lamp post across the street this afternoon. I thought you were used to wander around it. I saw arian standing there. Two boys of the same age passed and he waived as if wishing to play with them. That was typically your style. You both played together in the last three months. He was looking so lonely as if there is no one to know when he wants to play and can accompany him. Yesterday I saw a boy on skateboard on the footpath. He was slow. He did not have the flow you had while moving on skates. This morning I opened the kitchen door. I looked at the backyard. It was all full of leaves. You must have made us clean it. You must have made a valid point for keeping the  backyard clean. You always had a valid argument. I always wondered how I did not think the way you thought. I did not have that brilliant mind. And I miss the company of a brilliant mind now. I miss disappointment in your eyes. Whenever you argued and I did not agree i felt that disappointment. I love that gaze. I miss your presence Ali Farzan. Sabiha mami is right, I made all the hard work for you. Your presence, your touch, your gaze, your persona was the source of energy for me. Keep giving me energy my son. I dont want to make a demand which is not possible for you to fulfil otherwise would keep on calling you.


2 responses

  1. Ali Farzans absence is felt around each and every corner of the house. In the shops we visited usually .In the car in front of the house gate .He is every where. He is in our hearts in our minds .We will never forget him


    March 4, 2014 at 10:51 am

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