Amma loves you Ali Farzan

You were learning to play piano

You were learning to play piano. It was the second attempt. The first time was 3-4 years back when you joined the NAPA summer camp. You made friends there. Do you remember the old building. The class was held in an isolated room on the roof. The round stairs were old and mysterious. But while you were coming down from them with friends the stairs were all lively. You did not have much interest in learning music. I just wanted you to explore. You explored and did not show interest in buying a piano to play. I agreed for the discontinuity. 

When you joined this school in August we came to know about the piano class. I agreed to make you attend it without realizing that it was optional. You started going in it and the first class was not excited at all. You told me that you had nothing to do and other children were playing the instrument. You didn’t know the language so the teacher asked you to write a couple of alphabets. That was it. You were not happy. In the second class the teacher gave you flash cards and such decorative things. You came back happily.

The piano class was before the school. It started at 7:30 a.m. so we had to drop you to the school. Tuesdays were about waking up at 6:30, shortcuts for breakfast so you can catch the first bus at 7. you were sometimes missing it so you and baba had to walk more. In the mid of october I realized that it was still dark at 7. We called the department so they can change the time. They did change the time of the class. It was now in the evening. Do you remember the last class you attended, I think it was the first or the second class in the evening. You missed the class before it and said you didnt remember that you had to stay for the class. I remember the day you attended your last piano class. I have that printout on which the teacher made you write piano language. You sometimes got piano homework. You didn’t like learning piano. Mustafa also asked me a couple of time to take you out from the class. I insisted that it is only for  a couple of months as in January we had to apply for middle school. I wanted to show to the middle school the additional efforts you made the whole life besides usual learning in the school. I wanted them  to know that you are not an ordinary child.. I was told by your teacher that you will certainly qualify for the best school in the city. Still I wanted to keep piano on your credentials. 

There was a secret which I did not tell you. Piano is found to be connected with math proficiency in students. I thought it will add to your math power. I wanted to use all my knowledge about learning, leadership and successful personality building on you.I knew it is not necessary that these theories apply on everyone. I knew that these efforts sometimes fail and the child does not become successful but I was sure of your success. You displayed all the signs to excel in your career. I didnt know that such attempts fail in this way. 

Do they record your achievements in Heaven. Do they know that you know so many things. I am sure you must have told them all that. You knew how to present yourself. Make your mother proud of you Ali Farzan as you did while you were with me.


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