Amma loves you Ali Farzan

You have got the second car

Your second car is on its way and you are the first person to get this news. You remember one day we were coming back home. ‘You will get your first car soon’ I said, ‘it will be my second car-nana’s car is my first car’, you replied. I liked your belief of owing nana’s car. He was used to say that you own his car. You liked washing the car with him. I  don’t know how much you assisted him but it made him happy. I remember you cleaning the tyres and wiping the doors with a piece of cloth. You did it all with so much interest. You joined nana in doing the work on weekends and that was your and his joy. I never realized the pleasure both of you were getting at that time but can feel that now. Who will keep this new car clean Ali Farzan, it is without its master.

When we went to pindi in 2012 I was sitting with mami in the lounge and she was telling me about the shortage of water that day. The maid came running, telling us that you were washing the car through the water pipe. We went outside. You were cleaning the car all yourself on the road. You didn’t ask anyone for help so were out any piece of cloth. You thought that by putting water with pressure through pipe will clear all the dust and stains. You listened to me a few moment back telling baba that the car does not look clean. You did not interrupt but went out and tried to wash it. You were always so particular about the car. I dont remember a single time stopping you from doing anything in the car as other parents do. You behaved always so well in the car. You were used to buy samosa while coming back from swimming on Sundays. I remember giving you a tissue paper to use as a plate and you asking me after a while about the garbage bag to throw the tissue paper. You never threw things outside the car. God was very particular about your civic sense. He made sure that you leave memories that I can keep with pride and honour.

You didnt like baba’s car. You thought it was small. You were very open about this opinion. One day I asked you about the car make you like. You said ‘ferrari’, I declared that you will purchase this car after getting a job. I told you the need to find a really good job and get a good degree before and you agreed. And I believed in  what I said. Do you remember buying the car magazine a couple of years back. We bought it from satellite town in Pindi. You picked that magazine and the shopkeeper asked a couple of hundred rupees. I checked and it was written in german. I told you and you neglected my objection-you were carried away by the photographs in it. You were very particular while buying books. You were used to check the title, table of content, a few pages, blurb at the back and referred these while telling me why you had decided to but that one. You did not give any of these justifications, instead, you showed me a few pictures and described the cars. You mentioned one picture and told me that the car was the latest model of ferrari. I noticed your expression and the excitement in your voice and gave money to the shopkeeper. Where will I find the same passion. Keep being passionate in Heaven Ali Farzan.

Ali farzan


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  1. SamiyaKazmi

    Ali my angel..
    Samiya khala still remembers how passionate u were about reading. U kept on reading ur PERCY JACKSON novels wheneverwe went somewhere in the car.. isbah baji i swear i used to be amazed that how a child can do this all the way with his entire concentration. His every ride in the car was with a book in his hand..
    I still remember how basi, abid khalu and ali took out water from the black car when it got filled up after rain he enjoyed cleaning it the most..

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    March 7, 2014 at 6:17 am

    • I know. He thought he will be the next Percy Jackson.He had little interest in the happenings on the road. He had his own world to stay engaged in.


      March 7, 2014 at 7:37 pm

  2. Our little angel was much too perfect for this world.

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    March 7, 2014 at 6:34 am

    • May God made him imperfect but alive with us.


      March 7, 2014 at 7:35 pm

  3. Ali seems to be of 2 years in this picture and the car is also Abids Toyota Ali owned this car and Abid realised his passion .Once Abid told me that he want to gift this car to Ali when he grows .ISbah l remember once l was going with you in Mustafas car 4 or 5 years back .As soon as we sat In the car Ali began praising black car for its size its speed its colour .so much so that it hurt Mustafa .l objected Ali a d tried to stop him but he carried on speaking.This car was his love .He sat on the front seat with his face towards the A.C vent .He was crazy about cars knew all about the new models and new cars from the very begening. He must be happy with your new car and praising it in heaven.
    Yesterday Uzair told me that Ali went Abid started weeping the time he sat in the car recalling Ali sitting beside him in the car.
    May this new car bring you prosperity and happiness

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    March 7, 2014 at 7:06 am

    • he was so open in criticizing Mustafa’s car. It was due to his attachment to city. I remember him sitting with Abboo on the front seat in the morning. Ali Farzan wearing school uniform and all active and lively. He loved putting his face in front of the vent. Ali Farzan you have left so many memories for us.


      March 7, 2014 at 7:34 pm

  4. Here I also want to narrate one more incident related to Alias habit of keeping the car clean .One evening the wind or l should Aandhi blew so much that the car parked in the porch was covered with a thick layer of Dust .Ali could not tolerate such a dirty car .He called his cousins Harpoon Fizza such sAryan Amaar .gave dusters in their hands and all of them began cleaning the car under Alias supervision .Ali himself climbed on the roof of the car played on it in the downwards position and Cleaned it from upwards .In 15 min the car was ready for use
    Ali we are than full to you for

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    March 7, 2014 at 6:14 pm

    • I know and we told him never try to be on car’s roof. We hid it from Aboo so he does not know that Ali Farzan was on the car roof. Alas I should have hugged him for showing this nice gesture, why did i discourage him.


      March 7, 2014 at 7:31 pm

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