Amma loves you Ali Farzan

How would you have reacted

May be you had given a glance-thats it, or would have checked each detail of the interior with awe. While I was coming back home thin evening I was wondering how would you have told me about the car if you were there. May be you would have approved baba’s choice and liked it or maybe had taken it as a routine as you were used to react on material things which others find important. I am unsure about your reaction to the new car. But I am sure that I am missing you. I now have realized that I never enjoyed anything in my life but your reaction to it. Taking University road to go to somewhere and thinking you will disapprove the route, going to Tariq road and thinking you would like to go to Mcdonalds, going to a function and thinking who you will find to play with. Life was all about you ALi Farzan. I want it to remain with you. I want you to remain my strenght. How can God take you away and leave me so weak. I am sure He will guide me how to remain with you. Amma is all yours ALi Farzan.


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