Amma loves you Ali Farzan

You loved going to the zoo

We went to Memphis Zoo today. It is the first time I have been in a zoo without you. It was not a place I liked to visit but abboo made you fond of it. He was used to take you to the Karachi zoo so often. As a consequence, you started asking us to take you to the zoo on weekends. When we took you there the first time, you knew all the routes and cages. You loved watching the crocodile. You asked me many times how it manages to eat big animals as its tummy does not look that big. You wondered about the hard skin of the tortoise, it was you who told me the difference between tortoise and turtle. You told me such things with so much authority, you were always confident about yourself. And you should be as most of the information about animals was a result of your reading.

Do you remember going to Lahore Zoo in 2011. You were all the time with Mohammad bhai, not with us. He was busy in telling you about the animals and birds and I saw you trying to reply by sharing the information you had about them. He made you stand before the elephant place. He told us stories about that. you took interest but elephant was not your favourite animal. It was tigers and lions that you were fond of. I remember you took so many pictures of them.

You remember Brisbane Zoo. You were three and a half years old when we visited that. We went there in train and it was your favourite mode of transportation in Brisbane. So that was your first delight that day. In the zoo you loved the animals. I took your pictures before a few cages, the animals were not visible  but you looked so cute as were enjoying the moment. Me and ammi did not like the zoo but you enjoyed. You were too little to read the boards so I was reading them and was telling you about the animals. You were wearing yellow sweater. I can still visualize how you looked that day. In a snake show a volunteer was telling about snakes while holding a cobra. She invited the children to touch it. I made you touch the cobra. You were too young to be scared of it. I captured the moment in my memory with the intention to share it when you grow old. There are so many such moments I have stored dear with this purpose. Hope you get what I write here. 

In the zoo today I saw Meerkat. You remember Ice Age; one of your favourite movies. You were used to make me watch a scene here and there. You kept telling me about the character. In the zoo garden I saw a boy sitting alone on a bench. He was looking so similar to you Ali Farzan. We had ice cream and I am sure you might have not liked it. I tried to follow the map but failed. I am not used to follow maps without you Ali Farzan and amma is a slow learner. She is not as good as you. Keep learning ALi Farzan. 


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