Amma loves you Ali Farzan

Noddle sachet

We just ate noddles. They were not bad in taste. How can they be bad as noddles were one of your favourite food. You liked chatpatta flavour. You always picked the packets while shopping on weekend. I remember once you picked a new flavour-something to do with lemon. You picked two packets of six each. I recommended to pick one, you disagreed. You and your decisions. Many of them remained in the cabinet for a long long time. Maria made noddles for you usually and I know why. You were used to pick the sachet and eat most of the masala instead of putting it on noddles. She was too simple to realize your game. You played that trick with me for so many times. Whenever I was cooking noddles you insisted to put things in the bowl yourself. I knew why and always pretended as if you were successful in playing the trick. I enjoyed the joy on your with the thought that you have be-fooled me. The spark in your eyes and the smile on your lips was unmatchable. Nani told me many times about your habit of eating the masala and she was worried that it is not healthy. I ignored her right suggestion to stop you from doing it. I loved your fondness for it. 

I was also fond of noddles but forgot that once you came. We did eat together many times. Noddles, chicken, vegetables and cheese in one plate, fries in another. Do you remember such meals. You loved corns with noddles. I never showed you the blisters I was used to get while separating kernels from the ear. They were not more important than the happiness you got from having them in your plate. I thought very soon you will be old enough to cook noddles for yourself. Where should I list all such dreams I had for you.

And I know why you started likening them. They were easy to swallow. You did not like chewing so noddles were an easy deal for you. They saved you from insistence from nani or myself to eat quickly. You made many easy ways for yourself. And Allah Mian took you back so swiftly. May Allah take me back that swiftly. But I am not sure as I am not Ali farzan. 


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  1. After Ali started taking solid food he was very resistant Me and Isbah had a tough time feeding him He cried a lot and avoid eating but we insisted forcibly .We thought as to how he would survive if he is not nourished .He had swallowing problem.Two things he liked most were Suji or soft Halwa given to toddlers and Noodles in the later years.we gave him suji once a day as he liked it and it was easy to swallow In Brisbane when we were in a hurry to go for outing we always tried Suji.There he also enjoyed ice cream cake or chips and so we satisfied that for one or two hours he is fully nourished.
    When he grew old he loved noodles We knew that they were not nuitrious so we added corns and bone stalk in to it.when noodles were given to him we didn’t had to worry to insist himto eat. Also thanks to Maria who always cared for Ali she was his good friend and caretaker.Be happy Ali Farzan.

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    March 13, 2014 at 4:03 am

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