Amma loves you Ali Farzan

Bob the builder-can we fix it

I was watching  a programme while taking lunch today. I am not sure I would have done the same if you were here. In Memphis I started putting program of my choice on net while eating, you followed. It became difficult to eat as it was getting noisy. Or to be honest it became difficult to watch my program as the sound from your laptop interrupted. Being selfish I requested you to stop watching cartoon while eating. You told me that I was doing the same. The argument was valid. I told you that I only watch while eating and you get plenty of time to enjoy your cartoons so there was a difference. You agreed but mentioned the advantage I was taking at several meals. My little angel.

In Karachi, cartoon and later movies were one of your passtime. You wanted to watch the channel of your choice on the dining table. We had an agreement-eating on the dinning table then your channel and if in nani’s room then my channel. The implementation on the agreement was smooth. Why didn’t we make an agreement for living together. Although I know it was not in your hands as it was not in mine. You were so innocent. Very rare people leave the world with such innocent and pure heart Ali Farzan. I am unlucky that I don’t have you with me but you have proved yourself as being exceptionally lucky. You went so calmly and smoothly and with such purity.

The most captivating element in the scene of you watching cartoon was your laughter. There was nothing as delightful in those movies and cartoons as was the glow on your face. Do you still get that glow Ali Farzan. Your choice of cartoon changed after almost every two years. In Australia it was dora, the sponge bob and bob the builder. The title song of bob the builder is echoing in my ears.  I still feel sitting with you in the living room in Brisbane and you watching it while while sitting upside down on the sofa. You know while writing this blog I played the title song to feel it more intensely. In tater years I remember you watching the cartoon on thomas train, and it went on and on till it got a full stop. I am not sure about the last cartoons you were watching-they were usually about super girls and boys. One website is bookmarked on my laptop. Your amma don’t have the courage to open it and find out. But the change in your taste of cartoons was indicative of change in your interest and in your age group. You were growing Ali Farzan and before you can come out of the cartoon fan group you changed the world. Stay happy boy.


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  1. I still remember Ali watching cartoons most of the time in the lounge of Brisbane house with his head downwards on the sofa and feet upwards on the wall .Then his favourite channel was Baby T V. I am sure he learnt a great English language from this channel later on he licked Micky mouse and then Dora Jian was his favourite character He used to sung Jian song loudly I enjoyed his singing.
    As Ali was choosy about food l used to feed him while watching cartoonand he never questioned me about what l was giving him.

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    March 19, 2014 at 11:31 am

    • Ammi I gave the example of how he learned English through these things. he really enjoyed all the cartoons and made sense of them. I do remember him being upside down while watching cartoon as he did not know how to remain idle.


      March 20, 2014 at 2:32 am

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