Amma loves you Ali Farzan

Your likening for corns and nehari-wasn’t that strange

Again I am writing about your eating habits. You must realize from this repetition why I insisted on eating more. I was so much occupied with your eating and your health. I am still occupied about these things. We went to Nabela auntie’s house. That was the last place you visited with us. She cooked so many dishes but not nehari. She told me that she thought about it but knew it was one of your favourite dishes. She promised you in the last visit to cook that for you next time. She didn’t have the courage to make it for us while you are not here. 

Nehari was your favourite dish and nani was used to spare some portion for you to take later. I do remember you dipping roti in saalan and enjoying this desi food. Nani thought you were an English boy. Dr Christie told me a couple of times that your habits were very British. How came you developed taste for such a desi food. Do you still remember the nehari and hot roti at the tariq road hotel. I know you loved it. 

Can you guess what was in my mind when I started writing this post-corns. Nabila auntie baked corns. She insisted that I should take some. I thought she didn’t need to insist if you were making your plate. Corns were your favourite junk food. I visualize you coming out from the swimming pool and making a stop at the corn stall. It was only once that you insisted that I should enjoy sharing of corns by you. And you disclosed that you tried a new flavour and didn’t like it. How simple of you. I remember taking a spoon or two from you most of the times but it was the only occasion when you shared happily. Your thoughts were as transparent to me as is crystle. I always left you and baba at the pool to go to the club lawn and order some food. You always agreed for this arrangement. I know why. My absence gave you the space to buy corns with baba. He never objected. The one who was used to object-me-went out of the scene. I remember my son coming to me in the club lawn with wet hairs and cleaned face, with a cup of magic corn in hands. I can still feel the spoon full of corns going in your mouth. Once you told me that corn were healthy and actually they were a source of energy for you. What is your source of energy now Ali Farzan. Stay strong my son.


2 responses

  1. How Ali Farzan become fond of corns?

    Abid used to take Ali to the Zoo and to the Beach on Sundays .l still wonder why Abid felt satisfied on such a trip .He also insisted me to accompany but I had no charm i n going .I already spent the whole with Ali while Abid wanted to spent time with him
    While on the beach Ali enjoyed the horse and camel riding and as Abid liked Corns he also purchased it for Ali .Ali developed the habit of eating corns and liked it very much..

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    March 19, 2014 at 7:05 am

    • I know. Both abboo and Ali Farzan loved those trips. He picked sp many food habits from Abboo and corn was one of them. I never went with them on such trips to the sea side and to the zoo as was sure that my company was not needed.


      March 20, 2014 at 2:34 am

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