Amma loves you Ali Farzan

The mole on your cheek

“Its all because of nani”, you replied whenever someone pointed out the mole on your cheek. You thought it was not something good and put all the blame on her. It was one of the beauties you had Ali Farzan. It looked more than perfect on your face. We never disclosed how good it looked so are responsible for not bringing you out of that blame game. We should have told you how it added to your black eyes and red lips. Now your features were getting more boyish and it even suited the change. None in the family picked that mole from ammi except you. You picked the best feature from each of us.

You had a broad forehead and abboo loved it. He always say that broad forehead indicates intelligence and cleverity.I remember your desire to keep your hairs all back. I loved the baby cut you carried from infancy. It suited your face cut but did agree with your decision to change the looks. I told you to grow your hairs so they can fall back. I remember your efforts in the last winter we had in Karachi to have a different hair style. You tried for spikes using water. My innocent son was used to spent time in the washroom putting water on hairs and making spikes. You started likening the oil massage I did for you. The reason was that I started showing you the spikes made by the movement of fingers. I was happy to befool you and making you agree for something you were not very fond of. Even though you were not fond of oiling hairs, you never disagreed to offer your head for message. Why you were not used to disagree a lot. Why you have left so fond memories. Love you.



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  1. That tiny mole looked so beautiful on Ali Farzans face.It is prominent in all his pictures .It never came in my mind that Ali thinks that this mole is inherited to him because of me .But now I feel honoured of his thinking
    On his birth every one praised him for his looks and inquired that whole did he ressemble.Most of the people said that he Reesembled Abid .Actually he was a mixture of you Mustafa and Abid
    Yes Abid praised his forehead always and Ali fulfilled his expectations.he was a super child

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    March 22, 2014 at 6:52 pm

  2. Ammi he had this belief that the mole was coming from you. I know abboo liked his looks although he never said that. He was abbo’s favourite child.


    March 23, 2014 at 1:17 am

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