Amma loves you Ali Farzan

Your school bag

Your last school bag is amazing-i simply love it, so did you. I think it is the best bag you ever had. Its of blue color with circles of light and dark shades overlapping. You selected it and I agree with you although was not sure if it fits the purpose. But it worked well and you managed keeping the stationary and your jacket in it. Remember going to the Nike shop and you asking to buy something just because I bought my shoes. I didn’t listen to your complaint as did not want you to make such comparisons all the time. You were in a bad mood the whole way back home. We went there again after a week or two and I asked you to buy the school bag. You loved the idea and started making judgement about the models available. You were really excited about the selection you made. 

A new school bag at the start of the new academic year was a practice we followed. It makes children happy when they go back to school after long summer vacations and are in bad mood. You never reflected that general behaviour of disliking the school after vacation, still I used this trick. The bag before this one was in bad shape in the last month of school. The van driver showed me the broken sticks-I didn’t take his complaint seriously. He was concerned that those sticks should not hurt anyone in the school van. I knew you well-you would never use them to harm someone. I told him that you will continue with the bag for a month and will buy the new one during vacations. You listened to this conversation as a disinterested person. That bag was your choice as you wanted a trolly bag, something I disliked so avoided for years. While buying this bag you convinced me that the load of books and copies have increased so you should have a trolly bag. It did not work well, the wheels were not of good quality-you never complaint. You were used to own your mistakes and try to cover them. 

Unlike the last school bag you always chose bags with characters. You were conscious of colour-all shades of orange and red were banned as if they were girlish colours. I am not sure if it was peer pressure or personal likening. I think it was more peer pressure. Now I have saved that bag and a few things of your likening in it. They are all with me but not you. Where do you keep your things in Heaven. Do you have a bag. 


2 responses

  1. SamiyaKazmi

    I remembered that school bag … He got it with us while we all went shopping..the excitement on his face wasore than amazing.. he showed us right away HIS SUPER COOL BAG in the food court.. indeed it was the best choice you made for him Isbah baji like every other choices.. i still remember telling everyone here in Pindi that out of all the shopping u did Ali’s bag was my favorite one 🙂


    March 25, 2014 at 8:30 am

    • Oh you were there. You remember his love for the bag. I was so happy for him. I am happy that I bought that for him.


      March 26, 2014 at 2:22 am

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