Amma loves you Ali Farzan

Went to Abdullah and Hadia’s house

We went to Abdullah and Hadia’s house.  They don’t get excited to see us as they were used to when we all visited their place. You remember they usually had put their toys in order so can show to you. You enjoyed playing with them .Once I came to know that you and Abdullah were jumping on their bed. I was also told that they do it often. You loved that liberty which was rarely given at home. 

You were also excited whenever they came to our place. Downstairs was the elders lace and your bedroom upstairs was the place for you to be the host. You tried your best to be a good one. Deciding which cartoon to show, putting the speakers ready and making other arrangements was what you always did whenever they came. Hadia was younger so shy but you always tried your best to engage her in your activities. Once you tried to hang the speakers from the stairs. I was scared-overreacted, telling you that they are fragile. You shyly replied back that you planned Hadia to listen to the sounds of the cartoon and come upstairs. You were so concerned and had ways to make friends. You knew so many arts. I should have made efforts to learn these things from you. I didn’t know I will face your absence. 

Do you remember once Abdullah got hurt. Like always you ran for sunny plast. When we came to know, he already was treated by you. You were passionate about sunny plast. It was either Karachi or here-you were the in-charge of it. My duty was just to bring a new packet on your demand. It was you keeping these at your place and using them and offering it to anyone getting hurt. You enjoyed using it yourself and offering it to  others. 

Do you remember once they came just to play and you took them to the park. You were taking them to the slide, telling them how the kids play. You were such a leader. You enjoyed playing the role of a guide. You were my guide Ali Farzan. You are still my guide.


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  1. Ali Farzan was a great lover of children In our house he was the eldest ofgrand children .He knew how to amuse yougeyounger cousins. He may be Haroon Fizz a or Ammaar Ali tried to make every child happy He played different tactics to make children happy made faces made sounds or acted physically when Mariam was born all the children quarraled that she was his property .I remember Ali s words on Salaars birth He said “Ammaar is so lucky he has got a brother” That day we realised that he needs another child of his own I was hurt and didn’t knew his urge will not be full filled
    Let’s pray to God to bless him a brother and full fill his wish Ameen


    March 25, 2014 at 1:34 pm

    • That was the first time I realized his wish. I was surprised. Ali Farzan there are so many things I didn’t give you. I am so sorry Ali Farzan.


      March 26, 2014 at 2:24 am

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