Amma loves you Ali Farzan

Milk and egg

No change-egg and milk. You have to take it as there is no way out. I started giving you egg and milk in breakfast when you were six months old. It gave me so much satisfaction. I thought it as the formula for making my son strong. I wanted you to be tall and strong young boy. You liked or disliked the breakfast menu continued till the end. Only the form was getting changed but these two things remained in your breakfast. It started from half boiled egg and moved between fried, boiled egg and French toast. After coming to Memphis you started likening omlatte. So amma started putting egg in a slice of bread and putting bites in your mouth while you were busy reading. 

You never ate breakfast yourself except it was your holiday and a French toast was made for you. You wanted each bite to reach to your mouth from someone and amma took all advantage of this demand. She made you eat what she wanted you to take. She is very selfish and mean Ali Farzan.

I bought that egg holder for you from Debenham at Oxford street. I have kept it in your bag. It remained with you since 2008. It was a long time companion Ali Farzan. It reminds me of all the morning rituals we were used to do. I also bought a book from there. It was colourful with some flip flops of animals’ body parts. I think the title was animal farm. You loved that book. You loved every book. You had a passion for them since very early childhood. I remember buying stuff with you from a bookshop in Brisbane. You were just three and a half years old and were choosing books from the shop. You were a gem my son. 

All the time I never allowed you to change the breakfast meal. You loved paratha and aaloo. You had that on weekends and had to take egg also. Baba had the duty of your breakfast on weekends. You didn’t like this arrangement but had to agree as could not offer independence. I learned making paratha for you. I dont do it any more after you have left for Heaven. Amma will forget how to make paratha in your absence Ali Farzan. 


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