Amma loves you Ali Farzan

No admiration can be greater in the world than what I have for you

I was your admirer, the greatest admirer anyone could be Ali Farzan. I never told you but I loved everything you were used to do. I loved the way you talked, behaved, thought. I even loved your dreams. You may not remember what was the first profession you picked. When being around three years old you shared your wish to be a truck driver. I loved that even, I knew you found truck as the biggest vehicle so were choosing it. You were so passionate about vehicles. You remember the small thick book about vehicles. It was all about different kinds of trucks. You knew these types even before me. You took me through that book so many times. And I loved your emotions while showing those pictures. I loved the way you spent your time at book stores. I wished I had the same attitude. You were used to select books as someone select something very precious. Do you remember going to the book fair at paramount every year and you spending hours and hours in selecting the books. I was proud to be your mother. I am proud to be your mother and will always be. 

In the play class today we were acting out a skit. I had to behave as a father of a crying girl. He had taken her to a shop and was trying to sooth her. I was unable to act properly. I told the class that I have never come across such situation so do not know how to behave. You never cried for anything while shopping. You had passion about things. You wanted to buy things which I refused. You never insisted or cried. I recall your bad mood and disappointments but not a single complaint. How you had such a heart. God made you so ideal-at least for me. I am the greatest admirer on earth Ali Farzan and I admire you like anything.


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