Amma loves you Ali Farzan

Your car seat remains empty

‘You have the biggest seat in the car’, I was used to befool you by praising the back seat in the car. You liked sitting in the front seat. I convinced you to sit in the back seat by comparing its size.I made you sit there. You always positioned yourself in the middle except when some younger kid wanted to occupy that space. You liked sitting in the middle as was able to communicate. For the last couple of years you always made sure to take a small toy with you in the car. You had no interest in the happenings on the road so a small piece of something was enough to keep you busy on the way. In the last few months book replaced toy and you made sure to keep a book to read in the car. I was a bad company, didn’t give you enough engagement on the way. 

Now I am short of company Ali Farzan in the car. I feel the emptiness. Do anything, make complaint, show anger, get disappointed, make a demand-do something Ali Farzan. 


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