Amma loves you Ali Farzan

The joy you had with friends


You remember this function. It was Indian Night at the university just a couple of weeks before the accident. You were so happy as found friends. When the stage performance started me and baba were pleased and you disagreed with us by asking ‘will there be dances all the time?’. The stage performance finished and your play time started. You found Aryaan in the lobby and did not need our company anymore. I remember this last time also you insisted to take the stairs instead of lift which you liked usually. On my question about the choice you pointed out a banner ‘tigers take stairs’. While going back baba made you take the lift and you were not happy about it. While eating you and me were sitting on a  separate table and baba was with his friend. I remember your delicate way of eating. You and Aryan played till the last moment.

This picture was taken while leaving and see your hand in the pocket. This hand tells how casual and relaxed you were. See how independent you look in the picture. Your smile is not due to me being close or is artificial for the picture. It is reflecting your joy and the joy I miss when you are in Heaven. Keep smiling beta.


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