Amma loves you Ali Farzan

you were all made of love

Nani was telling me about abboo’s birthday coming in a couple of days. You remember the celebrations we had last year. You were so happy for the gift by nani. It was a new mobile and you knew about it. I remember the glow on your face. We went to the club annexe- the place you liked. You loved the open area to run and play with friends. You liked looking at the sea and tracking boats. You were sitting between me and Amina Khala. You remember the sandwich you had. You were so particular about eating in public ALi Farzan. How will I get that feeling of pride again. I remember you coming back home and telling a guest in the car about the story you had written. You always got excited about the story and your passion for writing. How will I find that passion again Ali Farzan. The thrill in the voice and the spark in the eyes is all with Allah Mian. May Allah Mian make us meet soon. Ameen


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