Amma loves you Ali Farzan

Your friends playing games on the laptop

Three or four boys sitting at our door and playing games on your laptop was a scene I didn’t liked since it started occurring. You ignored my advice of not giving laptop to them. They never came in the living room. They said they were not allowed by their mother to go to someone’s house so they were usually sitting at the door and using your machine. I realized soon why you wanted to continue this practice. You were willing to take risk because it was a way out. You were short of toys to share with your friends. They were used to bring their things out and you used laptop to make up for the deficiency.

I thought we will get a car and will start visiting stores and will buy toys from there. You managed buying two or three small toys with baba-keeping them as a secret to me. You thought I will dislike the idea as those days I was careful in spending money in this new place. How correctly you knew your mother. Ali Farzan I wanted you to buy the tablet and the bicycle. You knew I wanted you to buy these things. There were two days left in you having a total of $80 to purchase the tablet. You saved $60 in the three months we spent here. $20 was your pocket money and you saved all of it for three months to buy a tablet. I promised that I will give the next pocket money on 25th of Nov instead of 1st of Dec so you can buy the tablet early. And then there was no need to buy it. I am sure Allah Man must have given you far superior things to play with. Enjoy the mercy.


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