Amma loves you Ali Farzan

The two hangers

Your closet still have two empty hangers. I want them to remain and remind me that it is your closet. In Memphis you had a separate closet; all yours and in your room. We both shared closet for hanging clothes in Karachi. It had big hangers for me and small hangers for you. These small hangers were of blue, green and yellow color. And there were a few transparent hangers. Do you remember the hanger for the bath poncho. It was perfect for your poncho. Do you remember your school uniforms hanging in the closet-four shirts and three pent, one sports uniform and one taekwondo dress. 

Do you remember your drawer of undergarments. Your socks on left hand side and penties on right. Your vests folded and one sock put into another of the same pair. I always kept one pair of socks new and hidden from you. This pair was to be worn on parties. Once wore, it became old and shifted to the socks drawer. I dont think we had a  spared pair when you left. Was it all planned by Allah Mian. It would have been the first time that I didn’t have any new socks in stock. Although we bought four or six pairs in the last month. They were all plain and of black color. They were thick and I thought will make you spend the winter season with these new pairs. I didn’t spare any pair from these new socks. I dont know why. But I know why I have kept two empty hangers hanging in your closet. They help me recall your posession of things in the house. You will always have the possession. The house and amma both are all and all yours Ali Farzan. 


2 responses

  1. At first Ali Farzan I didn’t know that its you who keeps the drawers so systematic and clean .I thought that like other little boys you must be careless and moody .Once I saw you folding your shirts and pants and placing them in your closet I was astonished and praised you at that vary moment Ali Faarzan you also kept your study table neat and systematic your books in a seperate closet were also kept in order .Ali you were annoyed if some child mishandled your drawers
    Today l wanted to talk to you that’s why l have written these lines.


    April 16, 2014 at 11:40 am

    • Ammi he thought that i was used to make him clean everything and sit myself. He was right.


      April 23, 2014 at 2:19 am

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