Amma loves you Ali Farzan

Ali Farzan-life is all about you

I was writing to you in the past couple of weeks. I thought that will make me feel less pain. I was wrong. I was recalling you all the time. I think this pain is the new dimension of our love. Now I am trying to live with that so dont worry. I know how much you cared for me. I remember times when you declined your wishes just to sooth me. So dont think that amma is in bad shape. Amma is as happy as you are.

She wished you to hold her hand and guide her in her life. You remember just three days before the accident you made me cross the road by holding my hand. You were telling me how the roads are crossed here. That was my dream come true. I always felt proud when you guided me. I thought you will always hold my hand and take me through each hard time. Now I am telling myself that you are with me and want me to live a life which can make you happy. I cant see you smile but am trying to bring that wholeness back which I had when you were living with me. I should also have stories to tell you if I am asking you to record every exciting thing you come across in my absence. So let us record the stories for each other. We will see who win in this competition. Stay happy.


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