Amma loves you Ali Farzan

Nani says I am getting fat

Your complaint; “nani says I am getting fat” and your fear to be a fat boy. It was just the use of a wrong word; whenever she said that to you she meant that you were getting healthier and you got afraid as if you were putting on extra weight. It was so difficult to make you realize that you were not crossing the boundary line and was becoming a fat person. How was that possible, you had a slim physique and the only thing that could have happened to you was to put on some flesh around. You do not know but in the last days I was used to look at your biceps and tell myself that your body was taking the shape of adolescence. Your mother was telling herself that her son was going to leave the tenderness in a couple of years. But you left that earlier than her estimates. Her all estimates went wrong. She wanted to see you driving farari. She wanted the same amazement to be on your face at that time which you got whenever looking at pictures of your favourite car brands. You have freed her from some fears also. She was conscious of your height. She asked you many times to be as tall as Uzair mamoon. She did not want you with shorter height. She wanted a perfect son. She did not want you to have a single lapse. Now you in a perfect place. What she can ask more. 


2 responses

  1. I remember when you told about your flight while going to Australia or were coming back….. There was a soldier traveling along.. As he was having his meal his bisaps were very prominent. My darling Ali Farzan started to show off his cute little bisaps so that the soldier observes…… Isbah Baji you say you wanted perfection in your child…. You were blessed my dear sister… your son was born perfect…… Mashallah. He had all the sophistication… brilliance… activeness, sharpness…and aims too heigh …he was a determined child. How many people are determined at an age of as young as our Ali jaan. Yes Isbah baji you did succeed ! Your child was a perfect little child ..the difference is you just can’t see the perfect little boy in his grownup perfectionism… But be content…. He is a perfect child we all know and you are one blessed mother I’ve known. Love n care so much for you isbah baji…


    April 24, 2014 at 12:09 pm

    • love you Sabiha. I never thought he was perfect when he was with us. Now the more I recall him the more I believe that I was blessed. He tried to copy everything good and refused every bad thing. He was a blessing.


      April 25, 2014 at 12:04 am

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