Amma loves you Ali Farzan

You gave me the shade

Last week after so many days I sat on your bed at noon. I waited for the sun rays which were used to reach the bed at 3 p.m. in fall. They did not come. I was surprised that how can I see bright sunlight and the rays do not reach the bed. I realised that the tree in the backyard has got new green leaves. Those leaves came between the sun rays and the bed. Now it remains shaded at noon. 

I realised that you gave me shade. You protected from the heat. You were as soothing to me as is the shade at noon. I was all guarded. I knew whatever I said will be endorsed by you. You had this habit to argue in private but agree with amma in public. I always felt that I had an advocate with me who will save me from argument by counter argument with those who disagree. And you left. I am alone Ali Farzan. I dont give opinion now as I have no one to advocate for me. I feel lonely as there is no one to hold my hand and guide me.

You never knew what your warm hand meant to me. For me it was the sign of empowerment of my son. It was a sign of empowerment of me too as I always thought of both of us together. You were so much to me. Now for me you are more than what you were. Now I know how life is without you. I miss the shade. 


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