Amma loves you Ali Farzan

Keep loving me

Ali Farzan Shazia khala saw you in her dream. She told me that she came to us when you were talking to me and she interrupted. You became quiet and remained silent when she excused for the interruption. Later you went to her and tried to play something and said that you are disturbing her as she did. How typical of you Ali Farzan. You never liked interruption. It usually happened with nani and especially in the car. You were used to talk with pauses while going in the car especially if we were talking about something around. Or conversation was filled with silent places. And Nani was used to jump in such pauses and start a discussion. You disliked it like anything. You were vocal about it a couple of times otherwise I had to guess from your expression or your reference to it later. So you managed a mid way between being totally submissive and authoritative. You knew how to show disapproval in a very civilized way. You knew these tactics so well. 

I am surprised how she dreamed of something she did not know. I am sure she did not know this characteristic of you. I have no idea how free you are in travelling. I know you come here sometimes but have no idea how much pain you need to take for that. Dont take any pain. Your amma wants you to live a life full of cheers. The only demand she makes is that keep remembering her love for you. Her love is superior to any love on earth. She was used to call you her prince and you will remain her prince. 


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  1. We can not read the blog .Its all dark


    May 1, 2014 at 10:03 am

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