Amma loves you Ali Farzan

Your signature is no more needed

This year your signature is not needed. We have received visa forms to sign today.  In the last visa form you signed although was not asked to. You wrote your name-ali as you had made the decision to shorten your name. You put a line under it. And put the date in the american order. I was proud at that time. You always gave me pride.

You remember the visa interview. I insisted that you should check the website of the school you will go in Memphis. I told you that you will be asked questions about the school you will not respond as you are mature enough to handle questions related to you. You took it seriously my son as you took each threat of mine. The morning we went to the visa office you were behaving as a responsible adult. The first shock came when you were not asked for the thumb impression as it was needed for above 12 years of age. I saw disappointment on your face-how can you be treated differently as now you were grown up.

We went to the window for the interview after a long wait. You were sitting next to me during all that wait. You stood in the middle, making me and Mustafa to stand on both corners. You were very confident. The officer asked a couple of questions to me and Mustafa and asked the last question-do you want to ask something. I said ‘I have a request, if you dont ask him any question, he will feel deprived’. He got the clue and asked your name. You were happy and responded very confidently. Just to fulfil the duty, he asked, ‘what will you do after returning back to Pakistan’. You said, ‘I will be an author’. He listened and put the pen down. Now he found something interesting. He said, ‘how are you so sure’. You replied, ‘I have already written a book’. You always called the story you wrote as a book and I never had the courage to correct you. You planned it to be published and was asking me many times to look for a good publisher. He said, ‘what is the book about’.  And came your turn to tell the story with all the enthusiasm. There was expression of interest on the officer’s face and he was in no hurry. He said this is the first interview he is enjoying that day. After listening to the story he asked if there was a moral. I interrupted and tried to tell the moral. you didnt like that. It was your story so you corrected me and told that it was about pride and selfishness.It was about the failure such people face ultimately.

We were asked to sign the forms. I was asked to sign your form and I wanted you to do the job. And you signed it happily. I have got new forms. They are two not three. And your sign is not needed. Amma miss you all the time Ali Farzan. Stay happy.


2 responses

  1. Isbah I miss Ali Farzan each and every day .It may be in the house or inthe bazar where I rarely go .I see Ali ahead of me running and going happily with you specially in the Baby shop infront of the United King Bakery .Every place and thing reminds me of Ali


    May 25, 2014 at 10:34 am

  2. Ammi his memories are with me every moment. I dont know why Allah Mian has put us into this situation.


    May 26, 2014 at 9:43 pm

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