Amma loves you Ali Farzan

Who will have the heavier pile of discoveries

So it has been two years now that we are talking though this blog. Or, I am saying things to you. Amma has become lazier. She was used to invite you for cleaning the room then sitting and seeing you do the things. It was your complaint that in the end you had to clear all the mess. And you clear all the mess even now. I make every decision based on the assumption that it will take me closer to you or not. Life has become easy. You were the first source of comfort I found in life, and still are, and will remain.

We did not share the craze for cricket. I was unable to convince you that it was something interesting. Now watching PSL and not missing you at all. So there are moments when I do not miss you. I hope there are many many things which you do and do not miss me as they are all the discoveries you are making. Let us see who between us come up with the heavier pile of discoveries when we meet.

ali farzan's birthday pic


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