Amma loves you Ali Farzan

Here comes spring

I saw a rose tulip today and thought it will bloom in a day or two. The trees across the road are getting new leaves and give the most fresh look with those tiny, light green attachments. They will grow bigger and stronger, get brown and dry, and will fall down. Sometimes I do miss your blooming but that is not what I can change.

I try to find you in the moments of happiness and then pray for even stronger happy moments for you. I have noticed the list of ‘to do’ is getting longer and longer and you know it gives me satisfaction. Allah Mian can make me busy, why dont I believe that He is doing the same to you. He can give me moments of fulfilment, how can he spare you from that.

Have no clue how you spend the time. I am getting perfect in timelessness. The new thing is the addition of play music on the app page you created. You remember showing the page to me with some fear that I will dislike. I bothered the least as thought you have done it for yourself to save the games. It is in my use now. So I am taking advantage of everything  you have done for me. I am  making sure that I can justify utilization of each of your favours to me. Keep holding the hand. Keep laughing.

by Sukaina 4 years


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