Amma loves you Ali Farzan

What matters is a pure heart

What do people notice; big eyes, fair complexion, soft skin. I found all those attributes in you.

What I was used to notice; shinning eyes, broad smile,  eye-contact, confident gestures. I found all those in you.

I was used to notice how people sit. How they place their legs, how they move their hands, how their neck is positioned. You were used to keep the legs straight while sitting on the sofa, twist them while sitting on a low chair, and bending while lying on the carpet. You were used to put the ankle sometimes on the table and I had to correct that. Many times I found you putting both hands separately on the table-perfect. Didn’t you have all the signs of a star.

You have told me that what matters is a pure heart. What remains is the memory of the warmth in the eyes, sound of laughter, and sprinkle of joy over the face. This world is a fake place. Here glitter is produced in the factory and confidence comes from the status. I feel relieved that you do not have to notice all that. You left when your laughter was pure and your smile was reflection of what you felt. You did not have to pose that you like something. I was disappointed when before coming to Memphis we were buying the quilt cover and you paid no attention to my choice of car theme. I was disappointed when you gave a shoulder to the new phone I bought one week before the accident. I looked for features which can please you and you did not care. You were more keen to get the parcel from nani with your birthday gift. But this is how I should live; look for joys in small things, in the things that matter to me. I think I am trying to match you, my son.



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  1. This is so beautiful


    April 20, 2016 at 11:33 am

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