Amma loves you Ali Farzan

Mothers’ day-No regrets

Here comes the day again but it is different this time. With you, it was a carefree day with a flower or two from you and a card which your teacher taught you to make. It was not that special. I was never sentimental as take these celebrations as cliche. Then you were gone. And the cliche became a stone too heavy for me to hold. This is the fourth mothers’ day I am not in your company. Somehow the feelings are not that bad. I think I am out of that state of mind when losing you was unbearable. The sense of completion in having you, even for a brief time, has become far superior to the loss.

Let me not say more, let me stay calm, let me remain composed. Now I don’t get any idea of what you are doing. Maybe I have got in the world too much. I know why I am doing this; it is an assurance that you are also in your world in the same manner. I want to stay with these fancy ideas till we meet.


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